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Debbie Gibson

Out of the Blue

1.Out Of The Blue3:55
2.Staying Together4:07
3.Only In My Dreams3:54
4.Foolish Beat4:25
5.Red Hot3:54
6.Wake Up To Love3:42
7.Shake Your Love3:44
8.Fallen Angel3:43
9.Play The Field4:37
10.Between The Lines4:42

Body Mind Soul

1.Love Or Money4:00
2.Do You Have It In Your Heart?4:48
3.Free Me4:27
4.Shock Your Mama4:04
5.Losin' Myself5:15
6.How Can This Be?3:53
7.When I Say No3:53
8.Little Birdie4:01
9.Kisses 4 One3:48
10.Tear Down These Walls4:15

Anything Is Possible

1.Another Brick Falls3:55
2.Anything Is Possible3:44
3.Reverse Psychology4:25
4.One Step Ahead4:54
5.Stand Your Ground3:48
6.Deep Down4:52
7.It Must've Been My Boy4:49
8.Lead Them Home My Dreams5:32
9.One Hand, One Heart4:35
11.Negative Energy3:40
12.Mood Swings3:52
14.In His Mind3:33
15.Where Have You Been?6:07
16.This So-Called Miracle7:28

Electric Youth

1.Who Loves Ya Baby?4:00
2.Lost In Your Eyes3:34
3.Love In Disguise4:17
4.Helplessly In Love4:10
5.Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words)3:37
6.Should've Been The One5:07
7.Electric Youth4:55
8.No More Rhyme4:13
9.Over The Wall3:58
10.We Could Be Together5:33
11.Shades Of The Past4:52
12.We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix)5:33
13.No More Rhyme (Acoustic Mix)4:12

Think With Your Heart

1.For Better Or Worse3:24
2.Didn't Have The Heart4:45
3.Will You Love Me Tommorrow?3:26
4.Dancin' In My Mind3:31
5.Dontcha Want Me Now?4:19
6.Can't Do It Alone4:27
7.Think With Your Heart3:22
8.Too Fancy2:11
9.You Don't Have To See3:49
10.Two Young Kids3:15
11.Interlude/Tony's Rehearsal0:41
12.Let's Run Away5:25

Greatest Hits

1.Only In My Dreams3:55
2.Electric Youth4:55
3.Foolish Beat4:25
4.Anything Is Possible3:44
5.Staying Together4:07
6.Lost In Your Eyes3:34
7.Shake Your Love3:44
8.No More Rhyme4:13
9.Out Of The Blue3:55
10.Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix)5:50
11.Shake Your Love (Club Mix)5:56
12.Losin' Myself (12" Masters At Work Version)5:47


2.Ode To A Would Be Lover
4.Only Words
6.Nobody's You
7.Cry Tonight
8.Where I Wanna Be
9.Butterflies Are Free
10.Give Me Your Love
11.Just Wasn't Love
12.I Can't
13.I Will Let You Go
14.Only Words (Dance Edit)
15.Only In My Dreams (1997 Dance Edit)