The Original Family Corporation

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The Soft Master, Vice President in charge of finace at the time Snake-Eyes joined the family. Killed by Scrap-Iron while trying to save three people who were unknown to him, only one of whom survived (Billy).

The Hard Master, Elder Brother to The Soft Master, President and Lifetime Chairman of the board. Killed by an assassin while demonstrating the "Cloak of the Chameleon" technique to Snake-Eyes at the family compound in Japan. The assassin was thought to be The Young Master, but later was revealed to have been Zartan.

The Young Master, Thomas Arashikage, Only son of The Soft Master's Younger Brother. Later worked for Cobra under the rough English translation of the Family Name, Storm Shadow, in order to determine the identity of the assassin of the Hard Master. Left Cobra due to Cobra Commander's treatment of Billy, the Commander's son. Became Sensei to Billy, and eventually a member of the GI Joe team.

The Family Today

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There are three here who wear the hexagram of our ninja clan on their right arms. They are the unbroken lines.

There are three here who do not wear the hexagram. They are the broken lines.

We six, together, complete the circle. All forces are in balance and harmony.

-The Young Master, RAH 66

Storm Shadow, Thomas Arashikage, current patriarch of the clan.

Scarlett, close friend to both Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, and an acomplished martial artist, in addition to her work in counter-intelligence.

Snake-Eyes, second oldest remaining member of the clan, trained alongside Storm-Shadow after they served together on LRRP in Southeast Asia.

Sensei Moore, The Blind Master (I need more info on you Mr. Moore) Expert in Explosive disappearances.

Jinx, younger cousin of Storm Shadow, on his mother's side. Trained under the Blind Master, and proficient in blind-fighting techniques.

Billy, only son of Cobra Commander. Trained under Storm-Shadow after he left Cobra. Severly injured in a car crash and subsequent missle attack, he wears a prosthetic leg and lost his right eye.