Learn with me he KUJI-NO-IN, the finger knitting symbols that represent the aspects of the intuitive mind...

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The first is Rin, the initial Step in learnig to channel your KI.

The second is Pyo, an adept must master the nine signs.

The third is To, he must ponder the aspects of reality.

The fourth is Sho, he must banish illusion.

The fifth is Kai, he must strive for cessation of desire.

The sixth is Jin, thus, may your KI flow unhindered.

The seventh is Retsu, like the wind through the great Bodhisvatta pass.

The eighth is Zai, the wind that scatters the leaves of memory.

The nineth is Zen. Quick! Catch a leaf and write upon it...

The Tenth Letter

It has no name... It is the Void! The nothingness that is the controlling element in Zen swordsmanship! It is the clearing of the mind and soul that must be undertaken before battle!

-Young Master, RAH 66